• Jessica Ward


When it comes to social media, influencers are a key element when it comes to getting a brand seen and heard.

The influencer market is rapidly expanding. With the rise in technology and the increasing popularity of social media, anyone can become an influencer, and they are. Whilst the influencer industry is booming and more and more people jump on the bandwagon, brands are constantly inundated with DM’s from “influencers” wanting to collaborate in return for free merchandise.

Whilst giving away free merchandise is a great way to collaborate with influencers and build a social media following, it is more important than ever for brands to choose the right people to work with.

When we look for brand influencers, we look for people with the same values as the brand we are working with. If we like the look of your account, then we will contact you.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not choose influencers based on their followings. Micro-influencers are becoming increasingly popular as they have cheaper fees and will often work on a product basis. Micro-influencers also tend to have better engagement, and for us the engagement is key.

We also look at the quality of your content. High quality imagery is very important, and the real influencers of the world put a lot of time and effort into getting their Insta grid just right.

When it comes to influencers reaching out to brands, we do not recommend a copy and paste template. Like fake followers, we spot them a mile off. If you genuinely want to work with our brand - do your research! Find out about the brand and make it personal.

A lot of successful influencers send us media kits, along with reasoning why they are interested in teaming up with our brands. Not only do media kits save us time by having to research you, but it shows your professionalism and that you understand the industry.

Top Tip’s for Influencers:

Don’t buy your following or engagement

It takes our professionals a matter of seconds to distinguish the real influencers from the fakes. If your following is high and your engagement rate is low, with little to no comments the chances are your account is not legit. Not only can we tell from the engagement, but also by the quality of the content.

Be wary of “discount code” brands

These are brands that try and make you feel special but expect you to purchase their merchandise in return for free marketing. These scams are becoming increasingly popular. As an agency we would never ask our influencers to purchase any product.

Get out of the SELL, SELL, SELL mentality

So many influencers build up great content and get greedy when the offers come in. As a brand we want you to talk about us, but we see so many influencer accounts go too brand heavy, to the point that they turn every single post into an advert. The chances are your followers haven’t followed you so you can sell to them on every post. Keep your posts relevant and don’t lose your personality. Keep it real and when you work with a brand, give your followers a real and honest opinion, that’s what brands really want from you.

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