• Ellie Gifford

How to keep your Instagram page relevant in lockdown

With the new Instagram algorithm and a lack of content due to COVID, and lockdown 2.0, it can be difficult to keep up with your Instagram business account.

Here are four tips on how utilise your Instagram and keep your brand relevant during lockdown.


Hashtags will keep your business relevant by helping your page show up on people's Instagram feed. This is free reach for you and your business and a quick way to gain followers and views.

Hashtag your location, including every city, town and village that your business is close to. This will help with engagement on your page from individuals living, visiting and working in that area.

Hashtag the services you provide along with your niche. People may be searching for a particular service and you want to show up and of course, gain new clients.

Make use of all 30 hashtags, the more you use the more reach you will receive. Make sure you alter your hashtags, depending on the content you are posting.


Stories are a quick way to increase engagement for your business and will help grow your audience. This is a perfect way to show your followers what happens behind the scenes.

Create light-hearted content for your stories, such as videos, competitions and updates to get followers coming back to your page and looking forward to your posts.

Again, use location tags to make yourself discoverable for audiences locally and globally. As well as this, tag customers and share their stories. Other potential clients, gain trust in your business, seeing other individuals using your services.

Engage with your followers and get to know them. Create polls and questions on your Instagram story, this will create interaction between you and your audience. This also opens an opportunity, to see what they like and dislike.


Engagement is the most important thing for your Instagram business to stay relevant. It may be time consuming but this is one of the best ways to gain followers, likes and support from other businesses.

Try and spend 30 minutes per day liking other people's content, this will create organic growth. Like from scrolling down your feed, from hashtags, location and from who your followers follow. The more you like, the more engagement you are creating.

Leave comments and follow accounts that inspire you, as well as other local businesses in your niche. The more support you have from accounts like this, the more you will see your page grow.


Content is key. Be consistent with it, try and post daily to keep your audience engrossed in your account and your brand.

Posting during lockdown can be difficult because of a lack of content. However, post tutorials, face to face videos, recipes and throwbacks to keep your followers involved.

Create shareable content such as high quality images, engaging captions, quotes and competitions. This could open your account to a whole new audience.

Collaborate with influencers, this will open up new relationships and will help your account become established. Even micro-influencers, could share your content to thousands of followers, creating more reach and awareness of your brand.

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