• Jessica Ward

EXPOSED: What you should NEVER do when managing a social media page

There are lots of ways to help grow a social media account. From making sure that your posts go out at the optimum time to dedicating a little time every day to engaging with your audience, with the right tools anyone can create an effective brand page.

But what are the no-no’s when it comes to social media management?

Buying followers

This is something that the likes of Instagram have cracked down on lately. The new algorithms have been designed to flag accounts that use third party apps and software and put a red mark against them.

Instagram has the power to limit your account capabilities and prevent you from engaging, posting and following other accounts for a certain time period. If you are seen to consistently break the rules Instagram can also block your account and have your account closed down.

Instagram punishments aside buying followers isn’t really helping anyone. Although it may give you the look of a popular account, bought followers are very transparent. If your engagement doesn’t match your following, that is a clear sign your followers aren’t real.

Overall, you want your followers to be real people and the ideally the right demographic. The best way to increase your following organically is to be consistent and make sure all your posts are high quality. It’s quality over quantity – and that goes for your followers too!

Buying engagement

Similar to buying followers, this process is also frowned upon. Instagram in particular has also cracked down on third party engagement apps and software.

So, what is engagement? Well engagement is a term used for activities such as liking, commenting and following. The now banned third party apps would like your posts, therefore making your post seem more popular than it is.

Again, this is a process which is not overly helpful as you want your posts to be seen by the right people, and fake robot accounts will not turn into customers or clients, making it a ginormous waste of time!

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Posting nothing but sales pitches will not get you very far on social media. This is the common mistake we see, especially from smaller businesses. We understand that your main priority is to make a sale, however, especially in this digital age you need to be a little more creative.

Now more than ever, people are extremely put off by advertising as frankly, we are all tired of seeing them. Did you know that the average person is exposed to a minimum of 5,000 ads a day?

Instead focus on giving value to your following both existing and potential followers. For example, why not use your platform to educate? This gives your brand credibility and can position you as an expert against your competitors. This also gives your user valuable information they may not have known before.

Stick to a rule of at least 80/20. Make sure your posts are made up of 80% valuable and interesting information and 20% sales pitches.

To all the businesses out there pushing nothing but promo posts, please, do us all a favour and focus your sales pitches on your PPC campaigns.

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