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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Crown Media is pleased to be working with renowned Cheshire-based surgeons Mr Giorgio Netri and Mr Giuseppe Fiore, who have joined forces to launch a unique new aesthetic clinic set to revolutionise the sector for those who want the next generation of treatments and the best results.

Already, customers are clamouring to join the waiting list for the new centre called Inspire Cosmetic Clinic, which will open its doors in Hale later this Summer.

With numerous celebrity clients under their belt and unrivalled reputations, the Italian duo are unique because of their surgical expertise and medical training specifically in cosmetic procedures and will be offering the latest innovations in both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments.

“We are unique because we are both surgeons and have both focused our careers, training and expertise in the field of cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. It means we know exactly what we’re doing and how to get the best results for our customers with the next generation of cosmetic medical science,” said Giorgio.

“We also treat the whole person as every patient has their own reasons for seeking treatment and it’s crucial, we understand their motivation and what they want the end results to be.

“Inspire Cosmetic Clinic means patients can be confident they’re in safe hands, in our view only qualified physicians and even better surgeons with deep knowledge of facial/body anatomy should be the ones to carry out these procedures, even non-surgical injections and it’s horrifying that that people with the flimsiest of medical qualifications are operating in the industry. We will be a high-end clinic and the results will be worth it, something we have proven over the years with our legions of happy customers.”

The new clinic will specialise in breast augmentation when it first launches headed by 41-year-old Giorgio who is famous in the field and will also offer non-surgical aesthetic procedures, headed by Giuseppe, who is a pioneer of fluid facelifts which can create the high standard aesthetic results with minimal downtime compared to surgical facelift.

“Fluid facelifts are where we use injections, for example, fillers instead of surgery and it is the next generation of cosmetic procedures to create a natural, beautiful result. It is an area I have pioneered and trained in specifically and will be unique to Inspire,” added Giuseppe (aged 47).

Both surgeons’ wives are also joining the team at the new clinic with specialist cosmetic nurse Anne Netri taking the role of Clinic Manager and Jenny Fiore taking the role of Financial and Operations Manager.

“It’s wonderful to be working with our wives and also they are probably our best adverts!” added Giorgio.

Inspire Cosmetic Clinic will open in September 2019.

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