• Ellie Gifford

5 tips to improve your writing style and enhance your blog posts

How long have you sat there with writer’s block, not knowing how to start or how to end? You know blogging will help your business grow but you just don’t know how to do it!

Writing an article or a blog post can be easier said than done. Here are our 5 tips to enhance your writing skills and get people reading your posts.

Plan Your Posts

This may seem basic, but simple planning of a post can help you succeed in knowing what to write.

Choose a topic that you want to write about, along with, a draft of things you would like to say. This will act like a guide when you start writing and will aid the structure of your article.

Do some secondary research and take a note of your findings. People like to read facts backed up by professionals and these are easy to find online. This will enhance your views on your blog.

Know your audience

It is essential to know who your posts are for and who your audience is. This is because it will help with the tone of your writing, as well as, what to post.

The more you adhere to this, the more traffic you will receive from your target audience and the more likely they will want to read your posts.

If you are unsure who your audience is, think who would read your articles? What articles do you like to read yourself? What topics are you talking about and who would be interested in that?

Engaging headlines

An attention-grabbing headline is crucial, as without it, it is unlikely to get any views or shares.

You need a clickable headline as most people will judge a book by its cover when it comes to articles and blogs.

Pull a strong quote into the headline or choose an exciting part of your post. At the same time, don’t give too much away. You want people to click on your article because they want to know more.


Good images will boost engagement on your page, as readers process visual content faster than text.

Images of people, along with, personal pictures are the best to include and will increase traffic. This is because it gives the article a human interest and captivates the reader from the get go.

Always proof read

You are so close to the end, so don’t give up now!

It is so important to read over your work once you feel like you have finished. This is because you can easily overlook grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and punctuation. If this is all missing, you may lose readers because it is not clear and concise enough.

I would recommend putting your article into a grammar check either on Microsoft Word or Grammarly, to make sure it is top notch! It is also easier to spot mistakes when you read your article out loud, so head to a quiet room and make sure it is easy to read.

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